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Home Automation Company in South Africa

Systems Integration & Smart Home Automation Specialists

Looking for a reputable home automation company in South Africa and Africa? Integrated Home & Office stands out with our extensive experience in providing professional and reliable home and office automation services. Step into the future with our advanced smart home automation systems. Our team has successfully delivered tailored solutions for both private and corporate clients, integrating smart technology into various settings for convenience and functionality. Our services in home and commercial automation leverage smart technology to revolutionise living and working environments, enabling full control over all aspects of your space.

Included In Our Home & Commercial Automation Services

Included in our home and commercial automation services are the following turnkey integrations:

Our ability to offer exceptional smart home and commercial automation solutions stems from our strong partnerships with leading automation and technology brands. From initial design and installation to comprehensive client training and ongoing support, our skilled and professional team is there every step of the way. We also collaborate with developers, architects, and clients to ensure that our solutions not only meet but exceed industry standards, fully integrating into your space for optimal functionality. With a rich background spanning over 50 years in IT, media, and broadcast, our home automation specialists are dedicated to delivering the integrated home systems you need for a modern, automated lifestyle.

Providing You With The Very Best Commercial, Home And Studio Automation Solutions Available


With one touch of our home control system, you can dim the lights, stream high-resolution music, turn up the heat, lock the doors and arm the security system.


Whether it’s a business, office, boardroom, factory, or commercial applications, our control systems can provide commercial and enterprise solutions to suit your needs.


Welcome your guests into a world of personalised amenities, with automated calming lights, relaxing music, and shades preset through advanced home devices as they enter their rooms.

Post Production

We create signature rooms for the post-production studio owner.

Home Automation & Systems Integration

Imagine your house with a brain.

At IHO, we want your time at home to be simple and enriching. With a single touch, your home will serve your needs.

With our smart home automation systems, you can dim the lights, stream high-resolution music, turn up the heat, arm the security system, and more!

Home automation is within your reach.

Additionally, our smart home system solutions will allow you to check in on the house at any time. It’s an innovative and smarter way of living. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it! At IHO, we consider this to be the new norm.

Our home automation solutions include:

  • Cable & Infrastructure
  • Lighting Control
  • Video, Audio, and Climate Control
  • Energy and Wi-Fi Management
  • Home Theatre Solutions
  • Access Control Solutions
  • Shades and Blinds Control
  • Remote Monitoring
  • SLA

Commercial Automation & Systems Integration

IHO offers the latest in commercial automation system solutions for your business.

Whether it’s business, office, boardroom, or factory, we have the answer.

What’s more, these systems will streamline your business and increase productivity.

From VC solutions to boardrooms and digital signage, we have something for everything.

IHO will move your company into the Smart world of Digital Convergence.

Our commercial automation solutions include:

  • Boardroom Solutions
  • Video Conferencing (VC)
  • Lighting, Climate, Shades & Blinds, and Access Control
  • Asset and Energy Management
  • Network Media Solutions
  • Cable and Infrastructure
  • Managed Wi-Fi

Hospitality Automation & Systems Integration

Anyone in the hospitality industry wants to offer their guests the best experience.

Why not welcome them into a world of personalised amenities?

With Crestron hospitality solutions, you can.

We offer more than just home automation, commercial automation, and studio automation.

As soon as guests check-in, you can set their room to welcome them with calming lights.

You can also greet them with relaxing music, and shades raised to display a gorgeous view.

Our hospitality solutions include:

  • Lighting and Shades Control
  • Video, and Audio Control
  • Energy Management
  • Network Media Solutions
  • Cable and Infrastructure
  • Managed Wi-Fi

Studio Automation & Systems Integration

When it comes to studio automation, IHO offers only the best available solutions.

Moreover, we provide signature rooms for the professional post-production studio owner.

When you accept nothing less than the best, IHO offers the closest thing to perfection that you can get.

Integrated Home & Office will deliver on your Post Production & Studio Solutions expectations.

Our studio automation and other solutions include:

  • Signature Studio Rooms
  • Custom Designed and Bespoke Interiors
  • Acoustication and Room Correction Design
  • Network Storage and Media Management