What the future of energy storage looks like

ElectroMechanica is the first company to bring the Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage Units into the South African market.

Mercedes-Benz Energy has the right storage solution for any requirement – from homes to major industrial facilities.

Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage Home and Grid systems enable homes, companies, and utilities to optimise the use of solar power, increase autonomy and enhance energy efficiency while shaving peak loads and helping to stabilise the grid.

Based on the same battery technology used in Mercedes-Benz electric and hybrid vehicles, these storage systems meet the highest standards of quality, reliability, and safety.

When combined with a compatible solar system, the energy storage system can store excess photovoltaic energy produced during the day, which can then be utilised on demand day or night.

This means that excess energy is stored up for later use giving you greater independence of energy supply.

The Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage is the key to a sustainable energy future, giving you access to cleaner energy and will protect you from fluctuating energy costs.

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