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Remote-Controlled Automated Blinds for Modern Homes

Shades & Automated Blind Control

At Integrated Homes, our automated blinds are available in a variety of colours and textures to match any home decor. Experience precise light control with the Lutron automated shades and blinds system, allowing you to welcome sunlight during the day and ensure privacy at night with centralised control accessible via your smartphone. Our remote-controlled blinds further simplify your lifestyle by allowing you to adjust settings effortlessly from any location. These smart blinds seamlessly integrate with your home automation systems, streamlining control and improving your comfort.

Why Choose Our Automated Blinds?

By choosing our services, you gain the advantage of a seamlessly integrated system that allows for easy adjustments from anywhere in your home or remotely through your smartphone. Whether you need to block out harsh sunlight or want to increase your privacy, our diverse range of automated blinds offers effective solutions without compromising on style. Our expertise in home automation ensures that your blinds work perfectly within your existing setup, making daily operations smoother and more intuitive. Opt for Integrated Homes to make smart living a reality with our reliable and efficient automated blinds solutions.

Automated Roller Blinds for Home Comfort and Style

Upgrade your living spaces or workspaces with our automated roller blinds. Our electric roller blinds combine elegance and functionality, making it effortless to adjust the ambiance of any room. With just a simple tap or voice command, set the perfect lighting and privacy levels with our automatic blinds for windows. Ideal for energy efficiency and interior aesthetics, our solutions support your modern lifestyle needs. For more information on our automated blinds and shading solutions, feel free to contact a representative from Integrated Homes.