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Multi-Room Audio Control Systems

Simplifying Your Home Audio Setup

At Integrated Homes, our multi-room audio control systems enable control of up to 32 audio sources right from your mobile device. This integration allows for a harmonised home audio environment where you can access various internet radio services, iTunes, and create personalised playlists with individual volume controls in each room.

Why Choose Our Multi-room Audio Solutions?

Choosing our services ensures access to cutting-edge multi-room speaker systems and every-room audio solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your space. We pride ourselves on delivering top-quality wireless multiroom audio systems that are not only user-friendly but also blend seamlessly into any home decor. Experience a better listening experience with our reliable and advanced multi-room audio solutions.

Residential Audio Control Solutions And More!

Alongside our multi-room audio control, we offer a suite of home automation services including advanced cabling, energy management, and video distribution systems, all designed to improve your residential experience. Our solutions improve your home’s functionality and ensure cohesive audio-visual integration. For comprehensive multi-room audio control solutions and expert advice, contact us today.