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Integrated Homes is a leading supplier of a complete range of hospitality automation solutions to take your hospitality business to the next level. 

Our top of the range hospitality solutions can help you in all areas of your hospitality business, from admin to guest comfort, with a wide range of easy automated processes. Our hotel automation solutions even allow you to easily set up your guests’ lighting, music, and window shades upon check-in to ensure a welcoming feeling right from the start of their stay. 

By partnering with industry leaders such as Creston, HONEYWELL, HAGER and KNX Hospitality, we can provide you and your business with the best integrated hospitality solutions available.

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Ensure turnkey and automated lighting control that gives your guests an unforgettable experience from the moment they check in to the moment they checkout, with systems that ensure total lighting control, consumption, and managed occupancy.

Get the perfect amount of natural light at any time of day with systems that open or close entire walls of windows at the touch of a button for enhanced and automated light and temperature control.

Integrated technologies with easy-to-use controls give you the power to deliver rich sound and vivid images to any environment with unparalleled digital quality, whenever and wherever you need it.

Its centralised environmental controls and record-keeping provide a powerful real-time and historical overview of operations, enhancing energy efficiency and lowering costs.

Seamlessly manage and allow a revenue stream from video-on-demand offering the latest Media Content to your guest throughout their stay.

Our Access Control solutions help you securely manage the access and point-of-entry for each of your guests for the duration of their stay.

Ensure functionality, aesthetics, and reliability for your cable infrastructure with comprehensive services and solutions from Integrated Home & Office.

Integrated Home & Office provides managed Wi-Fi solutions, allowing packaged wireless access points with high-range, enterprise-level wireless communication.