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Commercial Automation Solutions for Smart Offices

At Integrated Homes, we deliver commercial automation solutions tailored for modern smart offices. Within the first few moments of use, you’ll notice how seamlessly our office automation systems integrate with your daily operations. Our goal is to simplify your workflow through reliable and intelligent automation tools. These tools cover everything from lighting and climate control to advanced security systems, all accessible via smart office devices. Navigating the complexities of business operations is smoother with our custom automation strategies designed for unique corporate needs. By partnering with Integrated Homes, you gain access to innovative office automation systems designed to streamline your processes and improve security.

Using Technology to Automate Your Business

Integrated Homes provides office automation systems that optimise workflow, reduce operational costs, and improve overall accuracy, supporting swift decision-making. With our business automation solutions, enjoy improved productivity and security, coupled with increased efficiency in energy use. Our systems ensure that whether you are in the office, travelling, or working remotely, you remain connected and your operations run efficiently. Consider Integrated Homes to revamp your office automation and keep your business agile in the competitive market. For more information on our smart office solutions and how they can aid in advancing your business, reach out to us today.

We offer systems that enhance your boardroom on all fronts. From high-definition audio and video streaming, connectivity and communication, to turnkey lighting control, we have everything your business needs to ensure that every meeting goes exactly as planned. Manage your boardroom with detailed “bookings” AND REQUIRMENTS, ALLOCATION TO COST CENTRES AND ASSET MANAGEMENT in every boardroom.

Break proximal boundaries and take advantage of global connectivity with turnkey video conferencing solutions that can be integrated throughout your workplace. We are committed to keeping the world connected thru VIRTUAL MEETINGS / VIDEO CONFERENCING.

We offer systems for seamless lighting control throughout your office spaces that gives you granular control over illumination in different spaces. Never leave the “lights on” when no one is in the office or premises.

Take control of temperatures and comfort levels inside your office with seamless and completely integrated climate, aircon, and HVAC control systems.

Control natural light and heating with a touch of a button throughout your workplace or take advantage of systems that learn your habits and control shades and blinds automatically.

We offer comprehensive and automated commercial energy management systems that drastically increase your workplace’s energy efficiency and save you money on power costs.

Track, monitor, protect, and manage assets, both in the office and on the move, with comprehensive and integrated asset management systems that work with your existing systems and are simple to use.

We offer a range of network media solutions for commercial use that let you ensure the availability of valued media and data.

Increase workplace security and protection with turnkey access control and security solutions that enhance all areas of safety and security.

Let us set up your cable infrastructure to ensure the highest levels of functionality, reliability, and aesthetics, throughout your workplace.

We offer managed Wi-Fi solutions that ensure exceptional reliability and uptime with a rock-solid Wi-Fi footprint that never fails.