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Commercial Boardroom Solutions

Boardroom Audio and Visual Solutions

Integrated Homes offers discreet design, supply, and integration of world-class boardroom solutions to bring you and your company to the forefront of corporate communications. Our boardroom technology solutions are designed to ensure engaged participants and increased efficiency in all meeting rooms and boardrooms. Corporate audio-visual technology has become essential, and we understand that meetings must be effective and impactful to capture your audience’s attention and ensure that the information is retained afterwards. Integrated Homes collaborates with clients to design boardroom solutions that meet your budget and requirements, from simple projection and screen requirements to complex audio and video signal switching.

Our boardroom conference system includes boardroom automation, and smart boardroom features that improve the meeting experience. We consider room layout, acoustics, existing infrastructure, and ease of use in our designs. Our solutions include boardroom audio visual solutions and boardroom video conferencing solutions, providing seamless integration of cutting-edge technology for an immersive and user-friendly experience. With boardroom technology, your meetings will run smoothly and efficiently.

Boardroom Automation and More!

Integrated Homes offers various services for integrating innovative technology and IoT functionality in offices and workspaces. Bring your boardroom to life with boardroom solutions, automate processes on the factory floor, or improve employee communication with technology that brings your office into the twenty-first century. These commercial automation offerings include cabling and infrastructure, access control solutions, boardroom video conferencing solutions, lighting control, energy management, video distribution, climate control, shades and blind control, managed Wi-Fi, and network media solutions. Our commercial solutions improve efficiency and productivity on all levels and are tailored to your specific requirements and specifications. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial and boardroom solutions.