Four Ways to Elevate Your Home’s Style with Statement Lighting

Four Ways to Elevate Your Home’s Style with Statement Lighting

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Elevate Your Home’s Style with Statement Lighting
Designers across the nation agree; the role that lighting plays in the home has dramatically evolved. With new fixture designs that incorporate unexpected pops of color, striking structural forms and luxurious materials, lighting has moved from a behind-the-scenes prop to, in many cases, the home’s main act.

Progress Lighting’s Director of Product Development, David Peek, puts it simply: “Lighting is no longer the secondary player in the room. It can serve as a focal point or functional work of art.”

We gathered additional insight from our friends at Progress Lighting on how to create memorable spaces with lighting. Here are four ways you can make your rooms more beautiful and distinctive.

Equinox chandelier
The Equinox chandelier provides an unexpected style element that takes this home office to a whole new level of design. (Sienna Plantation – Village of Sawmill Lake, TX)

1. Install decorative lighting in unexpected areas

Whether it’s a crystal chandelier in the bathroom, a bold pendant in the home office or a pair of whimsical mini-pendants above a bedside table – using unexpected lighting in different areas of the home is an easy way to make a fashion statement. Not only can the type of fixture create a distinctive style accent, but focusing on areas of the home that are typically void of decorative fixtures altogether can be a distinguishing factor. Who’s to say the mudroom can’t be outfitted with a beautiful chandelier?


Progress Lighting’s Academy pendants

A grouping of Progress Lighting’s Academy pendants creates a center focal point, encouraging guests to gather together, relax and converse in this cozy seating area. (Liseter, PA)

2. Create multi-fixture displays with pendants and mini-chandeliers

The trend to group fixtures in clusters of two or more is a sure way to catch the attention of friends and family. Through light, contrast, and reflection, lighting provides a style element that cannot be achieved with other accessories. When installed in groups, the effect is multiplied! Natural areas for grouping pendants or chandeliers include a two-story foyer, above a breakfast nook, or over a dining room table.



Caress pendants

The unique form and layered glass of the Caress pendants add to an impressive kitchen scene. The water glass element adds rich texture and playful reflections. (Reserve at Northampton, PA)

3. Select lighting that incorporates artistic elements

As David Peek put it – lighting can be (very literally) a work of art. Fixtures with craftsman elements provoke interest and intrigue in the home. Progress Lighting offers many fixtures with handcrafted features such as hand-painted finishes, blown glass and hand-bent forms. Fixtures that are made by hand suggest a one-of-a-kind appeal for a one-of-a-kind home.




Switch out your traditional chandelier with a new row of pendants to light your dining room table setting. (Liseter, PA)

4. Don’t be afraid to make changes

Update your existing fixtures with small changes to bring a fresh vibe to a room. Crown your favorite fixture with off-white shades to bring in an elegant appeal as you prepare for holiday entertaining. Or, install vintage Edison bulbs in your kitchen pendants to create a warm, inviting glow and captivating design element. It’s the little things that make the difference.



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